About Me

My name is Will Jarvis. I’m a technologist in my mid-twenties currently located in the RTP region of North Carolina. I work on building startups, and trying to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. I currently run marketing and operations for the machine learning startup Tanjo.

I’m often talking, reading, or writing on: effective altruism, public choice economics, finance, life extension, social science, and global existential risks, and cryonics. I also organize the RTP Slate Star Codex meetup every month. You can find out more about that here. 

I’m engaged to the beautiful and talented Abby Ward. I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. For fun, I get into all kinds of weird fitness events (from all manner of runs, olympic lifting, cylcing, highland games, and powerlifting) with the crew at Crossfit Local. 

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