Problems To Work On/Open Questions

1: Can Metformin be used to help those that have to be on a ketogenic diet for medical reasons eat more carbs and stay in ketosis?

2: Can bone marrow transplants be used to cure schizophrenia? There are several case studies of BMTs showing a near immediate cure. Considering 8 out of 1000 people suffer from Schizophrenia, this is important.

3: How can we make big bureaucratic organizations make better decisions, and be more efficient? Some of my work on that is here.

4: In what ways is the world better than in the past? Are there ways that it is worse? We have less infant mortality, but people are extremely anxious, and their lives seem to lack meaning. American longevity seems to have peaked somewhere around 2017, and is trending downwards.

5. Could equity-backed crypto be a good solution vs fiat currency? What are the regulatory hurdles?

6: Solving zoning laws in the United States. More generally, how do we effectively model solving big collective action problems like this?