3: Christmas Trees

Here we are, in the dog days of a COVID summer, we thought we would bring you all a show about something a bit more positive-Christmas trees! We have a good friend of mine, Avery Barr, on the show to talk about how Christmas trees go from seed to your living room. We also what CRISPR means for Christmas trees, how to successfully coach high school students, and just what an “air raid” offense is. Avery is a third-generation Christmas tree farmer, high school football coach, and avid skier. Enjoy!

2: China

This week’s episode takes us from the Opium Wars in the mid 1800’s to the American tech companies of today and from the Holodomor, to the current Uyghur persecution in China. Join us for a historical perspective of how the modern world must come to grips with attempts to erase entire cultures and peoples.

1: The Intro

We are a father and son duo interested in narratives. Narratives is a project exploring the ways in which the world is better than it has been, the ways that it is worse, and the paths toward making a better, more definite future.  

In this podcast, we talk about our love of stories, a trip to Oxford, stories about progress, and what we learned about narratives from UNC-Chapel Hill Professor Christopher Armitage, a man who himself was taught by Tolkein and Lewis.