Cowering To Genocide: Uighur Persecution And The World’s Last Hope.

If you could stop a genocide-would you?  In western China, right now, more than a million men, women, and children sit in reeducation camps. Mothers separated from children, forced marriages, forced sterilizations-Margaret Atwood’s fiction made a reality.  What’s to be done? Have we learned nothing? From Rwanda, from the Holocaust, from the Holomodor? The cat’s […]

Optionality Is Overrated

Optionality is overrated. From Tinder, to consulting for our most talented college graduates, to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, optionality is systemically overvalued. One should be careful about choosing optionality as a replacement for thinking critically about your future. Making real decisions is scary, but you should always remember that not making a decision, is […]

Quick Thoughts From A Critique Of Interventionism by Ludwig von Mises

The central thesis behind A Critique Of Interventionism is that interference in the price mechanism by the government will not achieve its intended result, which in turn will lead to further intervention, and eventually a centrally planned economy.  A good example could be anti-price gouging laws within a crisis. Economist Mike Munger gives a great example […]

The Stopwatch Never Lies: How I Solved My Procrastination Problem

Procrastination is a difficult beast to solve. I struggled with it a long time, especially as a young adult, until I changed my mental framing of the problem. In general, most people vastly overrate their ability to do things later. Insight, opportunities, and good ideas are finite, and to be successful, you must aggressively pursue […]