About Me

My name is Will Jarvis. I’m a technologist in my mid-twenties currently located in the RTP region of North Carolina. I work on building startups, and trying to develop the developed world. I currently run marketing and operations for the machine learning startup Tanjo. I explore Narratives about how the world is better than it has been in the past, the ways in which it is worse, and how to make a definite, more positive future possible, and I am working on making science more efficient at First Flight Research. I like to work on weird projects, that have a good chance of making a large impact. 

I’m often talking, reading, or writing on: effective altruism, public choice economics, finance, life extension, and existential risks. I’m also very interested in ways to solve collective action problems that don’t involve existential risk (the threat of the Soviet Union in the Cold War, Nazi Germany in WW2 etc). I organize the RTP Slate Star Codex meetup every month. You can find out more about that here. 

I’m married to the beautiful and talented Abby Ward. I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill.  To reach me, send me a DM on Twitter, or shoot me an email at willdjarvis at gmail.

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