Cowering To Genocide: Uighur Persecution And The World’s Last Hope.

If you could stop a genocide-would you?  In western China, right now, more than a million men, women, and children sit in reeducation camps. Mothers separated from children, forced marriages, forced sterilizations-Margaret Atwood’s fiction made a reality.  What’s to be done? Have we learned nothing? From Rwanda, from the Holocaust, from the Holomodor? The cat’s […]

Russ Greene-Health, Fitness and Governance in America

Today on the podcast, we have Russ Greene. Russ is the former director of government relations and research at CrossFit, a former games athlete, an Arabic linguist, and is currently an associate director at Stand Together, a nonprofit in the DC area. We discuss the current state of American wealth, governance, and fitness.  The views […]

GPT-3 and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

What is artificial intelligence? What does it mean for the future of humanity? What is the state of the art today? Will and his brother Glenn cover out two competing visions of how general artificial intelligence will be designed and develop over the coming century.  Transcript: hi i’m will jarvis and i’m will’s dad we […]